Standard big bags

We are proud to say that June 2013 saw our launch of the world's first online big bags portal for big bags in the construction industry. Through, LC Packaging fully focuses on construction-related companies. Big bags with standard dimensions of 1 cubic metre, 1/2 cubic metre or 1/3 cubic metre, for example, can be supplied from stock at all times. Your own company name and/or logo can also be printed onto the big bags. Various applications require different constructions, such as multiple types of loops and filling and discharging options. Naturally, we only supply big bags that meet all the requirements and are certified by reputable laboratories.


  • Various standard dimensions, such as: 90x90x110 cm, 80x80x80cm, 65x65x75cm
  • Different types of loops: standard loops, cross-corner loops and slings
  • Several filling and discharging systems: open top, filling skirt, filling flap, flat bottom, discharge spout
  • Different fabric weights for multiple purposes
  • Possibility to print your own company name and/or logo onto the bags

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